The First Georgian Urological Association (GUA) – Caucasus/Central Asia (CCA) Urological Meeting will be held in the Museum of Modern Art (MOM), Rustaveli Ave. 27, Tbilisi.

Located in the heart of the city, on the Rustaveli avenue, the Museum of Modern Art was opened in February 2012. The historical building once belonging to the Tbilisi Cadet Corps has been restored and reconstructed by the famous Georgian artist Zurab Tsereteli, President of the Russian Academy of Arts. The main creative idea was a synthesis of history and modern times implying a preservation of the building’s original design and the use of innovative  architectural and engineering possibilities consistent with a museum of world repute, that is a usual  practice in European countries.

Today the MOM is a 3-storey exhibition space. Separate space is allotted for a conference hall, as well as for various events, presentations and evenings dedicated to arts and not only.

The MOM is in close vicinity to the Biltmore and Radisson Blue Iveria hotels. It is in a walking distance from the Tbilisi Marriot and Courtyard Marriot hotels.

The Rustaveli avenue is the main street of Tbilisi with a large number of governmental, public, cultural, and business buildings that are located along or near the avenue. The former Parliament of Georgia building, the Georgian National Opera Theater, the Rustaveli State Academic Theater, the Georgian Academy of SciencesKashveti Church, Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia (part of the Georgian National Museum) are all located on Rustaveli. It is rich of cafes, restaurants, souvenir and wine shops where tourists can get everything they’ll need.

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